A Teenager’s Advice to the America She is (grudgingly) a Part of

Well, hello everyone! It’s nice to see you in this scintillating pile of nonsense we call the Internet.

I could launch into a long, drawn out explanation for my absence, but I think I can sum up everything in one sentence: life is stressful. I am pounded by deadlines and commitments, standardized testing, civic duties, etc etc. But I’m back, and ready to dive off the deep end.

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If You Liked This, Try This

It’s easy to read the same books. To reread Harry Potter for the umpteenth time while stacks of unread books teeter on your shelves. I know I am especially guilty of this; I’ve read the entire Harry Potter series forty-eight times now! With so many amazing books out there, it’s difficult to know where to start. Alors, voila! I’ve recommended a few books similar to the ones you might already know and love.

Reading slump, be gone!

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